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Texas Wild.

Over the last several weeks I have had the privilege of helping my group run the Texas Wild Facebook page. My group and I are in a class called New Media. This class is preparing the students to be social media managers and, teaching the students about how we can use social media to our advantage in our future endeavors.

Texas Wild is a non profit venture set out to help conserve wildlife and show wildlife in their natural habitats in Texas, and across the United States. This group is based out of West Texas A&M and run by Dr. Ray Matlack.

This was a perfect assignment for me because I love the outdoors and it correlates with my major as well. Running this page was a great learning experience. Learning to schedule posts and work with the client was the bulk of it.

This has been one of the best group projects I have ever gotten to be a part of. Everyone has pitched in and done their part. I’m really glad I was able to have this experience.


Deflection or Social Justice?

Over the Weekend Kevin Spacey acknowledged the accusations that he made a sexual advance on Anthony Rapp when Rapp was only 14. The question is was his apology (or acknowledgment) real or, did he try to deflect the blame of this accusation by coming out? Either way, this story was trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. There were a lot of people to respond negatively with good reason. Check out a couple of articles on the situation.

The Power of Hootsuite

There are many different programs and apps that can be used to manage social media. Hootsuite is by far the front-runner. Hootsuite is used to easily manage all social media profiles in one convenient location. There are so many different things you can do with it such as, get analytics, post on all social media platforms and, share content with other people in your company. Hootsuite changed the game by giving their users power to use and post on all of their social media at one time. If a company is not using Hootsuite they are not using the potential that social media has to offer. Hootsuite not only put the social media in one place but, they have offered the business easy access to publishing and marketing for for companies to utilize.

“7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Use Hootsuite”

Generation Like

The emergence of social media has had a profound impact on almost everyone. It has given people the ability to share everything from politics to funny videos of dogs and everything in-between. The documentary Generation like showed how social media has affected youth in the United States. These young people strive for “likes” or “views” to build up a fan base or to try to find fame on the internet.

It’s amazing how everyone is “fishing” for likes or views on their social media pages. People post pictures and videos of their babies, dogs, or make memes to gain popularity. Some people are even sponsored if they have a big enough viewing base. The desire for popularity and fame from the population has driven these social media companies to become multi billion dollar companies. But most people do not gain a single dollar from them. They have a new currency, the “like”. It is a new driving force in our world. The more likes you have the better you feel about yourself. The more views you have can make you popular and get you on Ellen. Everyone wants fame but, at why cost does it come to us? 

The “like” is the new currency in the world of the media. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook have become the front runners for recognition for the common man. They have also made getting news and stories out to people on a much larger scale. Generation Like is here, and it is here to stay.

15 Faces


I found this experience to be really challenging. Finding fifteen people to interview was really but, most of the people that I interviewed didn’t want their pictures taken. That made doing this assignment even harder.

  1. Paige Davidson is a Senior majoring in Ag Communications. The best thing that happened to her in the last 24 hours “I had a good workout this morning”.

2. Mollie Burtch is a Junior Ad/PR major “I got to sleep in until 11 this morning”.

3. Tianna S. Brown is a Junior Broad cast Journalism major and she “Got a puppy!”

4. Shelby Snyder is a Senior Ag Media/Comm major “I got hired to make a magazine!”

5.  Jill Casillas, a Junior Physical Therapy major, “The Cowboys won last night!”

6. Ben Burmudez a Junior Broadcast and Electronic media major “Got new shoes”.

7. Callie Shipley is a Senior Broadcast Journalism major and she enjoys the simple things. “I got a Dr. Pepper from Sonic Today”.

8. Steven Cooper is a Senior Mass Comm major and he is “Going to the Track World Championships in Japan”.

9. Taylor Robinson is an AG Comm Senior, “I received my refund from WT today”.

10. Gavin Nesbitt, a Senior Broadcast Journalism major, “I bought a new video game last night”.

11. Erik Estrada a Junior AD/PR major “I got a great night sleep”.

12. Aileen Taylor Senior Mass Comm, “Getting to see my Little”

13. Meghan Brooks, Senior Biology major “Eating at Jimmy’s Egg in Amarillo”

14. A.J. Stamps, Junior Mass Comm Major, “The Cowboys won and Zeke ate!”

15. Chase Mardis, Senior Broadcast Journalism major, “I got to see my girlfriend!”




We were meant to go out and experience all of these beautiful creations in this world. If we just spend our lives sitting inside, watching television, or writing blogs, then all that there is in this world will be forgotten. I believe that God gave us the mountains, the oceans, and the rivers to explore and enjoy. Do not be one of those folks who just wastes away inside. Get out there and start a new journey in the outdoors. The liberating feeling one gets when being outside and being active is unable to be duplicated. So to all of my friends and family, get up, go out, and start exploring. Do not ever stop exploring. Palo Duro

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Restlessness. Something I have been dealing with a lot lately. I am an active human being that loves the outdoors and everything that is related to the outdoors. Not being able to go outside and go for a hike kills me, not literally but you understand. I live in the high plains, and that means that there isn’t much to do outdoors besides farm and hunt. I am also and avid snow skier. The closest mountain to me is three and a half hours away. Its like being trapped in a small box, except the box is a wide open flat field that seems to never end. I don’t know what’s worse, a box or a never ending plain. On top of this, I have a lot of spare time in between classes. Most people say “just go home between classes.” I would go home if it wasn’t twenty miles away. Gas prices…

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Wandering & Wondering


Alright so I’m sure everyone has heard about wanderlust at some point here recently. For those who haven’t heard about it, it is the strong desire to travel, according to the dictionary. People have this uncontrollable urge to go out and wander around the earth and discover new things or nothing at all, and it has become one of the most popular topics on Pinterest and Instagram and is constantly trending all over social media. It’s amazing to see all of the wonderful pictures and videos of people’s travels, it’s also very tempting not to go. I think I speak for everyone in the entire world, aside from maybe hermits, that we all have a desire to discover places we haven’t seen. It’s just human nature to have a hunger for the unknown and to discover cool crap! There is nothing wrong with it. However, I’ve been thinking about it some…

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Every once in a while I get to go to place that is referred to as the “Sportsman’s Paradise”. This area is one of my favorites in the entire world. I’m not sure if it is the memories that I have there or, how beautiful this part of America is. I guess it is a mixture of both. Louisiana is tied with Colorado at the top of the list of my favorite places to be on this planet. It is so beautiful to see all the creation that God has laid before us.2015-11-24-16-50-06-1

How wonderful it is to see creation that has been untouched by man. How wonderful it is to see unadulterated nature. There are very few things in this world that can be considered pure and I believe these woods are pure and refreshing to the spirit. I have been reading John Muir’s books and I am completely indulged in them. The way he speaks about nature and life is inspiring. I feel the same way he does about creation. Am I putting myself on the same level as John Muir? By no means! He is one of my hero’s and I wish I could be half as adventurous and inspiring as he is.

Beauregard Parish is one of my favorite places in the world. Lee Spears road leads to the place that my family likes to call “The Hill” more properly “Spears Hill”. I have 2 great (they really are great!) aunts and uncles that live up there along with my GG and Pawpaw (who are also great!). My Maw Maw lived up there until she went on to be with the LORD. It is a serene place that looks like it could go on the cover of a magazine.2014-11-26 07.19.41

The memories that I have there are wonderful. That’s where I learned how to shoot. That’s where I learned how to fish. The many memories I have here are some of the best of my life.

I guess this is where I found my love for adventure. Where I found my love for God’s creation. There is no other place in the world like it. The wildness is awe-inspiring. This unadulterated land is something every eye should see.

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